The Users Instruction Manual is a highly desirable accessory to go with the Johnson Rifle.

The original Johnson Rifle Users manual commands quite a high price compared to the equivalent rifle manuals. Reproductions are available, but watch the quality of these, as some are of a poor reproductive standard

Below are some photographs from the manual showing the different methods of loading the rifle. The hands are those of Melvin Johnson - who featured in all of the manuals, promotional films and leaflets. Text is the actual caption for each photo from the manual

Clip load - closed boltLoading the rifle with a clip of cartridges while the bolt is closed. Pressure of the thumb should be on the rear part of the case and should be in and up, not forward and rear.

Clip load - open boltLoading from a clip with the bolt open. Only one clip of cartridges should be loaded with the bolt open.

Load single roundLoading a single round with the bolt closed. Each cartridge should be pushed well past the magazine cover and released smartly.

Clip loading proneLoading with a clip in the prone position. Loading in this position is much easier if the loading port is turned upward as shown in the plate.

Drawing bolt backDrawing back the bolt. The bolt handle should be raised as far as possible to unlock the bolt before it is drawn all the way back.

Bolt drawn fully to rearThe bolt fully drawn back. If no cartridges are in the magazine, the bolt catch will hold it in this position. If the magazine is loaded, releasing the bolt from this position will allow it to close and carry a cartridge into the chamber.

UnloadingDepressing the magazine cover - to close the bolt with the magazine empty - depress the magazine cover, pull the bolt back slightly and release it. To empty the magazine of cartridges with the bolt closed, depress the magazine cover with the gun turned so that the loading port is down and allow the cartridges to be pushed out into the palm of the hand by the magazine follower.

Adjusting rear sightAdjusting the rear sight for                                                                                                   elevation.