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  1. Hi Brian,  

    I heard from some collectors that you are the guy to talk to about Johnsons.   I have been trying to get a fair one, and will be looking at one next month.    There is an unusual Johnson up for bid.

    Can you take a look at it and let me know what you think?   Best Regards.   Frank Matusek.



  2. contact me. I know who has both the hammer and Dror sights <>
  3. Not easy. JSAR LMG and DROR lowers are relatively easy to find. The DROR vertical magazine well is difficult and is usually found in multiple pieces. It also takes some serious fitting/welding to attach it to the modified receiver.
  4. I visited Doc Ross a while back and he had one. Enough said!
  5. The JSAR can be converted to accept the magazine support assembly and horizontal mags from the LMG by milling off the lugs thru which the rotary mag is pinned to the receiver. This is part of the process of modifying a JSAR receiver to accept a LMG parts set when building a LMG look-a-like in semi auto. Obviously, once these lugs are ground off, the rotary magazine can no longer be used.
  6. here is the data on JSAR #5538: Transferred from Cranston Arms 2/13/42 Stock #2 Bbl #5861E Hammer block #6708 Hammer #8021 BOLT # X (That is what is listed in the log) Locking cam #6382 Firing pin #A1439 Extractor #6130 Magazine #A1858 Transferred to NPC 2/16/42
  7. Michael,

    Jim Ronaghan <> has (or had) rear sling swivels for $40 or 50.  Ridiculous but if you need them, you need them.


  8. Hi Brian.  If you really are interested in selling the Miltech Johnson, please let know if you have a bottom line price.  I would need to factor in coming down to Kentucky or meeting at a show somewhere, and then sending back to Ed at Miltech for a quick checkup (since I tend to want to shoot all the artifacts I collect) in the pricing.  I have been to Knob Creek machine gun shoot before.  Perhaps I will run into you at a future show!  We should take this out of the feed if we go further.


    Thanks and Best Regards,


  9. B6679
  10. It's still available!
  11. Not much of a show as far as sales were concerned but did a lot of talking and educating. Think I have a JSAR and look-a-like sold in the next few weeks. Attached are pictures of the table. Note the WW 2 USMC Unertl Sniper scope with micarta tube I found at the Show of Shows last weekend.
  12. The slick Winfield sporter with the gold accents is not a Winfield but put together by a custom gunsmith in Chicago. Remember several years ago the gold accented custom sporter with highly carved stock on Gunbroker? It ran for a around 18 months, slowly coming down from a "buy it now" of $5000. The stock had been damaged and professionally restored but was not guaranteed to not break at the wrist repair. An extra sporter stock was included. I finally contacted the seller and got it for $2000. I later replaced the repaired highly carved stock with a high end checkered Winfield Monte Carlo which I got off Ebay for a song and changed out the bbl for a Winfield 270. I usually remilitarize sporters but this was too pretty. At any rate, it has been on my table for over 3 years @$3100 without so much as a nibble. Everyone remarks what a tragedy it was to do this to a Johnson. They were not around in the 50's when nobody wanted military rifles and custom gunsmiths did conversions .
  13. I will have 2 tables at the NGD Show in Louisville this weekend. Several JSARs of all grades and both Johnson and Dror LMG look-a-likes. Stop by and talk Johnsons.