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  1. No, unfortunately they are scattered throughout the entire no prefix series
  2. Here is the data on JSAR #4882 Received from Cranston Arms 1/19/42 Stock #2 Bbl #3541E Hammer block #2532 Hammer #7649 Bolt #2391 Locking cam #5873 Firing pin #A080 Extractor #2913 Magazine #A1272 Transferred to NPC 1/30/42 The total # of JSARs produced was thought to be around 20,200. (Not sure where I got that # but it has stuck with me over the years). Supposedly 1000 in 7mm were purchased by the government of Chile. (If I ever get around to it, I intend to hunt up the actual numbers to Chile from the logs as they were all supposedly in the no prefix block) Around 800 were purchased by the US government for Paramarines and OSS. I do not know if this # included LMGs. Both the serial #s of the LMGs and very few of those which went to the Marines are listed in "the Book"
  3. I found 2 nicer receivers with original finish and less pitting under the wood line @$950 + postage to FFL. If you need the complete ejector assembly and pin, + $75. The top one is #2408, bottom is B4583. I also have one with a heavily pitted radiator which has had the finish removed by bead blasting. It would be perfect for a Dror conversion. $600 + shipping.
  4. Here is the data on JSAR 3188 Received from Cranston Arms 12/4/41 Stock not listed Bbl #1924E Hammer block #1835 Hammer #2607 Bolt #2850 Locking cam #3404 Firing pin #6978 Extractor #3195 Magazine #6520 Transferred to NPC 12/9/41 Don't be disappointed if nothing matches. Matching is unusual.
  5. Do you have any of the 41 Johnson stripped receivers left?

    If so I'd like to purchase one from you. I have a converted to semi-auto 41 Johnson LMG I had built in 86'. I also have an Israeli DROR parts kit that I've had since then & have looked and looked for another receiver to complete the build like the original one I had built in 86'. Got the kits from that guy in Canada in the old days that had tons of American gun parts you couldn't find in the US and customs had no problems in those days....!

    Let me know if you have one left. If not....know of any - any other source?



  6. I should have operating handles shortly.
  7. We do not have the logs on the A and B prefix JSARs. only the no-prefix.
  8. Here is the data on JSAR #0217 Date received from Cranston arms Not listed Stock # Not listed Bbl #1196E Hammer block #0141 Hammer #0074 Bolt #327 Locking cam #070 Firing pin #941 Extractor #765 Magazine #1088 Transferred to NPC 9/29/41 This very early JSAR most probably made it to the Dutch East Indies and saw action in the Pacific
  9. My gunsmith, Rodney Richardson, can (and has) fabricated and fit the front and rear lugs on the mag support housing and fit the assembly to a modified JSAR receiver. He can also modify the receiver appropriately and supply a type 1 or 2 sight base. Contact me for details. <>
  10. <> is his Email. He is often slow to respond since he travels a lot. He still has the mag support assemblies but they will need front and rear lugs fabricated and fit to the receivers.
  11. Complete parts kits are few and far between. In over 20 years of collecting and dealing in Johnsons, I have only come across 1 complete JLMG parts kit for which I happily dished out $4500 . I have had several JLMG look-a-likes in semi-auto built but the parts were acquired the hard way, piece by piece. Most everything used to be available except for the magazine support assembly which was virtually impossible until Joseph Scott had some reproductions made. Anyone who had a DEWAT with papers would certainly restore it as they are then worth $20,000 and up. An unpapered parts set is best restored to a look-a-like using a modified semi-auto rifle receiver. Restoring the original LMG receiver is illegal unless you are an 07 FFL building a "Dealer sample'.
  12. Here is the data on JSAR #4231 Received from Cranston arms 1/7/42 Stock #2 BBL #5942E Hammer block #4766 Hammer #7043 Bolt #5193 Locking cam #5364 Firing pin #8058 Extractor #3774 Magazine #3944 Transferred to NPC 1/15/42
  13. Harry, I'm not sure how special a documented employee owned JSAR is. Marine provenance is one thing but employee owned??? The LMG looks kinda tired. B
  14. I have several stripped receivers for sale for anyone wanting to replace that drilled and tapped or polished to death receiver. These are fully functional with clear markings, some pitting under wood, import marks "IA CO SAC CA" on the heel. $800 + postage to FFL. Another polished and blued $750
  15. Bolt catches were individually fitted so replacements do not always (actually usually) work. Fitting is not easy and may require adding additional metal to the camming surface of the bolt catch by welding.