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  1. I have one for sale complete with pine crate, repro manual any bayonet $5800
  2. Hello Brian,

    What is the best barrel to use as a replacement for a JSAR barrel? Maybe a 1903 Springfield? What did Winfield use?

    Is there any source for locking lug collars?

    I've been trying to contact Joe Scott and having no luck. I would like to begin making new barrels and provide new wood stocks for collectors. I think Joe was buying "reproduced stocks" from someone and finishing them himself to perfection. I need those contacts if possible. Someone is going to have to pick up where Joe has left off. I can do it.

    Thanks, Michael Roper

  3. This may be redundant but I'm not sure if my other messages went through.

    I'd like to see the jig you are speaking of.

    Also I'd like a price on the "donor" upper for a 1941 JLMG build and any other parts I may need which you could furnish.

    Thanks, Mike

  4. There is a young lady trying to sell her Dad's front sight/bayonet mounting jig. She wants $350. If interested, contact me and I will direct you
  5. There is a young lady trying to sell her Dad's front sight/bayonet mounting jig. She wants $350. If interested, contact me and I will direct you
  6. The bbl has to be set back and rechambered, This also calls for repositioning the front bbl guide (a spacer is usually needed) and re installing the front sight and bayonet lug. Occasionally one sees original JSAR of JLMG bbls which apparently failed headspace and required this modification at the factory. You can tell if they have a spacer behind the guide collar and, if you remove the front sight and bayonet lug, there are additional taper pin groves from the original mounting.
  7. Pull the pin holding the magazine door out so that the open space between lug 1 and 3 is exposed, Place the grooved portion of the spring large side against the magazine door and push the pin back in place so it holds the spring in place. Now retract the spring loaded follower and depress the magazine door so that it holds the follower back. When you remount the magazine assembly, depress the magazine door (against resistance of the spring) and fit the assembly, lining up the receiver/magazine lugs on the left with the door under the clip slot
  8. Hello Brian,

    I knew of all the people on this message board that you would have the contacts necessary on this project.

    If you would be so kind as to help me get in touch with the right person, I would greatly appreciate it!

    I will hold off on any purchases until I can get in touch with your contact. THANKS....Mike

    You may always email me at: ""

    I might have to build both a DROR and a 1941 Johnson LMG?

  9. Don't buy anything Dror (unless they give it to you) until you talk to me! I will give you someone to contact that has most everything but the intact receiver and mag well.
  10. June 10th and 11th I am usually in section D-3 or E-3
  11. The difficult part for either is the magazine support assembly for the JLMG (although Joseph Scott has had some produced which are for sale) or the magazine well for the 2nd model (8mm) Dror which are only found in several pieces. Either parts set is somewhat available although the Dror is much less expensive. The JLMG look-a-like generally goes for at least $2000+ more than the 2nd model Dror when completed. You will need a JSAR receiver to modify for either one. I have done both. Come to Louisville for the next NGD show in June if you want to see them at my table.
  12. Contact me <> and I will let you know where to get most of what  you need for a Dror LMG look-a-like or even a complete one.

  13. It is a 41 JLMG look-a-like, a LMG parts set assembled on a modified JSAR receiver. What is unique about it is that whoever assembled it did not construct either a type 1 or type 2 sight base to mount the LMG rear sight correctly but modified a type 2 JSAR sight to hold it. I know of several 41 LMG look-a-likes that came out of Northern California. In fact, I bought my 1st there several years. As can be seen, the type 1 base utilizes the receiver dovetail while the type 2 is fitted and welded to the receiver after the rear of the dovetail is milled off. If anyone needs these made, I can send you the machinists drawings and specs
  14. Good luck. These are almost impossible to find. I have a 303 DROR parts set ready to assemble but for the magazine support assembly and the all elusive magazine.
  15. Can't send you a message.