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  1. It has now reached $9500+ with 2 days to go. Quality still commands top dollar.
  2. Seller is a well known US martial arms dealer from Ky. He generally sells from a list to exclusive buyers and is most reputable.
  3. A few words on the JSAR finish. Several years ago Joseph Scott looked into this. The blueprints called for "blackening". Joseph had an original tested by a metallurgist who found the finish to be blue. I have since been told that the finish applied was Du-lite, a popular finish of the era. Applied to an unpolished surface, it comes out black. Brownell's Oxpho blue creates a finish most similar to the original. Indeed, with a thin coat of Cosmoline to fill the pores, it actually gets a greenish hue.
  4. Apparently somewhere in the US in bonded warehouses.
  5. Here is the data on JSAR #6983 Received from Cranston Arms 3/11/42 Stock #2 Bbl #8389E Hammer block #9270 Hammer #0009A Bolt #A0800 Locking Cam #9337 Firing Pin #A8077 Extractor #6285 Magazine #9150 Transferred to NPC 3/14/42 Bear in mind that finding a JSAR with correct numbers, other than the Chilean contract arms, is most unusual.
  6. Why would they be at that starting price? It is a damaged Winfield spotter stock.
  7. There is a cracked shorter stock on Ebay which has already reached $355!
  8. There is a cracked shorter stock on Ebay which has already reached $355!
  9. There is a cracked shorter stock on Ebay which has already reached $355!
  10. Your "kit" is missing the internals on the lower, bolt and bolt rear well as the receiver sections with sight and magazine well. The most difficult part to find being the magazine well. I have seen repairable sections of the magazine well bring over $500 alone. What you have would probably bring around $200
  11. The Drors generally do not go as high as JLMG look-a-likes. $6000 is generally top dollar whereas the JLMGs go for up to $10,000.
  12. At that starting price I would be amazed if there3 was even a bid.
  13. Looks like a nice one. My gunsmith built one for rych me. I have another one as well as the 1st model in 303. They are fun to shoot and draw a crowd at the range. I also have a 303 41 Johnson LMG look a like which I acquired as a 303 Br Johnson LMG magazine (Johnson NE-41 markings and larger than the 303 Dror) coupled with a magazine support assembly which fit this mag and a 303 Br Johnson LMG bolt and Bbl. I can see why it was not produced as the mag does not feed well. It will be displayed at NGD Louisville later this month
  14. I would be shocked if he got $3500 but with today's market, who can tell
  15. Amazing!! This refinished parts gun went for over $5800.