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  1. Unless you've had the pleasure of examining a "Miltech" restored rifle up close, you just can't appreciate the attention to detail and quality built into each rifle. Well worth the money invested.
  2. A major auction house sold one several years ago for around $4800.00
  3. Recently restored stock and forearm for sale. Wood now has a coat of "Gunstock Wax" on it and appears a bit glossy in the photos. A light buffing with #4/0 steel wool can knock the sheen off if you want. Just a few photos here: (more photos available) Price: $700.00 includes shipping. Only metal is the rear sling swivel. Very interesting grain pattern.
  4. Hello again,

    I'm still in need of a locking lug bushing. You may email me at:


  5. Curious, Thanks for responding to my post. I do need another one. I sent you a PM. Thanks, M48TANKER
  6. PM sent.
  7. I'm going to assemble my own "new" barrel. I need a "barrel locking bushing" as shown here on Numrich Gun Parts. Does anyone have one or more for sale?
  8. I have a Johnson bayonet for sale and I emailed "Bruce." Bruce lives in Canada and I have no idea of any customs or import/export laws which might apply. Can anyone say for sure if it's OK to ship a bayonet to Canada? I posed this question to Bruce and received no reply. Caution.
  9. Hey Walt, I'm looking for some barrels and some barrel locking lug bushings. Do you have any? Thanks, MichaelĀ  Roper

  10. Hello Brian,

    What is the best barrel to use as a replacement for a JSAR barrel? Maybe a 1903 Springfield? What did Winfield use?

    Is there any source for locking lug collars?

    I've been trying to contact Joe Scott and having no luck. I would like to begin making new barrels and provide new wood stocks for collectors. I think Joe was buying "reproduced stocks" from someone and finishing them himself to perfection. I need those contacts if possible. Someone is going to have to pick up where Joe has left off. I can do it.

    Thanks, Michael Roper

  11. This may be redundant but I'm not sure if my other messages went through.

    I'd like to see the jig you are speaking of.

    Also I'd like a price on the "donor" upper for a 1941 JLMG build and any other parts I may need which you could furnish.

    Thanks, Mike

  12. I went back and found this from Joe in response to a question about using "regular" 30.06 headspace guages.
  13. Jason, First I'm not the expert. If Joe Scott reads this he can give you the best advice. The chamber polishing is usually the first thing to do after replacing the recoil mainspring with one which is a full 12 inches long. (available right now on Gunbroker ....make sure you get the one for the JSAR) Joe always advises to carefully inspect your fired cases. I believe he says to first polish the brass with some steel wool or emery cloth to make it uniform and shiney. Clean the chamber but Don't oil the chamber. Fire the round and then look for evidence of marks associated with pitting in the chamber OR a ring in the walls of the chamber. Even if polished it may still have pits or a scratch. A weak mainspring will allow violent extraction which can rip the case heads off. Rounds sticking in the chamber will exacerbate the problem. When a round is fired, the brass normally stretches a tiny amount but will shrink back in time to be extracted. If the mainspring is week or the ammo is too hot, the brass may not have time to recover it's original size. I'm not sure but I think an oily chamber will not help... but will hinder the process due to surface tension of the oil. Since the barrel is a sporter barrel the chamber may not be reamed quite right. Mr. Scott has advised that sometimes it takes quite a bit of polishing to achieve the desired result, but usually it will fix the problem. If your brass is stretching in length perhaps the roughness is just at the forward end of the chamber beyond the shoulder area.....be sure to include that area in your efforts. Let us know what fixes the problem.
  14. Bruce, contact me: "michaeleroper@comcast.net"
  15. Fraze, Some people have used various coil springs, but they just don't look "right." I have several extra magazine assemblies and none of them has the cover spring. I wish Sarco or Numrich would discover a few hundred stashed away!