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  1. Are there any import restrictions regarding bringing in rifle parts from Canada? I know another company named "Marstar" did ship parts to the USA at one time but I'm not sure if they do anymore? Thanks to anyone who can enlighten us about this.
  2. I've been working on getting set up to produce a few barrels for myself and another board member. We've invested in a couple of NIW 03 barrels, several locking collars, center bushings, bayonet lugs and front sights. I've re-fitted sporter barrels with military bayonet lugs and front sights but this will be the first time for me to install the locking collar and center guide bushing. So far I've removed the front sight from the new 03 barrel so it will fit in my Southbend lathe. I set it up and reduced the diameter of the threaded portion of the 03 barrel and re-threaded with 16tpi threads to match the Johnson locking lug. Now the locking lug will screw on the barrel and snug up against the shoulder area. Next I suppose i need to get some 30;06 headspace guages in order to check that the cartridge will chamber with the correct headspace and modify accordingly. It's probably going to take some chamber reamers to fine tune the chamber. Also have to get the correct depth on the extractor cut? Now, I'm thinking about things which I haven't considered yet. Is the concave opening of the mouth of the 03 chamber suitable to accept the Johnson bolt head and bolt face? Hmmmm.....maybe I should have thought of that earlier? I suppose worst case scenario would be that I'd have to reconfigure the chamber first and then fit the locking collar to that spacing? I think I need some help from the masters. (Joe Scott, are you out there?) (anyone else who can offer some insight?)
  3. This is a bit off topic, but deserves to be announced in a forum where the most people will see it. So I picked the newest comment of the day. Mr. Brian Alpert and I recently had the pleasure of making a transaction. It would be an understatement to say that things went smoothly. Our communications were clear, rapid, and to the point. I managed to get the funds to him quickly and he shipped even quicker. The item was exactly as described and I'm well pleased. If you notice an item which Brian offers to sell, please don't hesitate to enter into what will become the most pleasant transaction of your life. Thanks Again Brian
  4. I don't know how rare the Chilean sheath might be....but I don't have one. Do you want to trade yours for a very nice "regular" Johnson sheath? "michaeleroper@comcast.net"
  5. ArtR, Your story reminded me of my first year of college. The local TV station, WPSD TV Channel 6 of Paducah, Kentucky was a great place to work. The station management would arrange your work schedule to fit into and around your college classes. What an excellent idea. So in the fall of 1966, I was hired as a "Camera man, and lighting technician." One cold winter day the television station received a phone call from a seemingly irate viewer. The man asked to speak with the "Weather forecaster" from the last evening's news cast. The meteorologist wasn't in at the moment so I asked If I could take a message for "Dan The Weatherman." The gentleman caller requested that I inform "Dan The Weatherman" that he,(the caller) had just shoveled 8 inches of "partly cloudy" off of his sidewalk!
  6. I would also love to own a Johnson bayonet with a Chilean sheath....or at least the Chilean sheath! I seem to have accumulated more than my share of 1941 Johnson bayonets and should probably sell some of them. Especially since prices seem to be high. However as much as I could use the extra money, I really LOVE to trade. If anyone out there has something of similar value,($375.00 to $800.00 hehehe), send me an offer to trade. Pistols, rifles, whatever? Just no cats......I have a plethora of cats. I might accept a "Horned Toad" as a partial trade. A Randall model 14 knife or similar would be nice too. Let me know what you have.
  7. Terry, Please stand by. I'm sure that your request will be granted since there is no prefix before the serial number.
  8. Bob, Will Randy Murray be sending the stock out for someone else to bore and install the mainspring tube? I've heard that there is someone making new mainspring tubes and was wondering how to get in touch with him.
  9. Yuccacapt343, WOW ! is right. If there is anyone who wants a bayonet just like it, for the same price, I'll engrave "888" or "777" or "666" or whatever number you wish to have. I have enough bayonets to let one or two go.
  10. I'm not sure but an auction on Gunbroker may set a new record price for a Johnson bayonet. It's 8:25 PM CDT and the current price is $815.00 with 12 minutes to go.........................http://www.gunbroker.com/item/648559613 Edited to announce end of auction: SOLD: $815.00 plus $10.00 shipping= $825.00 Congratulations to: "Cleveland Plumber"
  11. Unless you've had the pleasure of examining a "Miltech" restored rifle up close, you just can't appreciate the attention to detail and quality built into each rifle. Well worth the money invested.
  12. A major auction house sold one several years ago for around $4800.00
  13. Recently restored stock and forearm for sale. Wood now has a coat of "Gunstock Wax" on it and appears a bit glossy in the photos. A light buffing with #4/0 steel wool can knock the sheen off if you want. Just a few photos here: (more photos available) Price: $700.00 includes shipping. Only metal is the rear sling swivel. Very interesting grain pattern.
  14. Hello again,

    I'm still in need of a locking lug bushing. You may email me at:


  15. Curious, Thanks for responding to my post. I do need another one. I sent you a PM. Thanks, M48TANKER