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  2. I'm interested in buying a Johnson 1941 LMG parts kit. If anyone could even point me in a direction to search for one I would greatly appreciate it! Also, I've built an SBR and own a suppressor so naturally the next stage is a full auto. That being said, if a Johnson receiver is rebuilt then could I file whatever form it would be with the BATFE to reinstate it as a live machine gun, or would that be considered a post 86 gun and thus be illegal? Thanks for any and all information!
  3. Kinda feels that way, don't it? Like a homemade sporter between the bluing and the pad. Thinking about sending it off to Miltech since it seems it's not a Winfield or anything else worth preserving. Not sure yet.
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  5. Here is the data on JSAR #4231 Received from Cranston arms 1/7/42 Stock #2 BBL #5942E Hammer block #4766 Hammer #7043 Bolt #5193 Locking cam #5364 Firing pin #8058 Extractor #3774 Magazine #3944 Transferred to NPC 1/15/42
  6. email me please
  7. email me with info please
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  9. M1941 Johnson Rifle serial number 1534 details request.


    Hello Ed,


    If possible would you advise if there is information available on this rifle and if it can be shared via email rather than posted on the forum?


    Thanks for your time and assistance.


    Ed Hicks

    M1941 Johnson Rifle (26).jpg

  10. I agree with Brian above on all comments. Also, sad to say, I am not a big "fan" of RIA but that's life. ej
  11. Are there any import restrictions regarding bringing in rifle parts from Canada? I know another company named "Marstar" did ship parts to the USA at one time but I'm not sure if they do anymore? Thanks to anyone who can enlighten us about this.
  12. Harry, I'm not sure how special a documented employee owned JSAR is. Marine provenance is one thing but employee owned??? The LMG looks kinda tired. B
  13. In the RIA auction in December there is a rare Johnson rifle coming up for sale. I don't care for auctions much because of their buyer premiums Harry
  14. Dana590 Looks like we had a glitch on site and your member info has been lost. Can you rejoin please. Sorry for the inconvenience. Jim
  15. Hello All, I have recently become an owner of a Johnson rifle that has a nice sporter barrel on it. I went searching for barrels, new or used and I made contact with Nick at Vulcan Gun Refinishing, in Canada. 519-723-4009 Nick has a old school machinist making new M1941 Johnson barrels for his company, for $750 US, which is cheaper than I have seen for used barrels. I am still waiting for my Johnson to reach my hands, so I can send my bolt to Vulcan to have the barrel fitted. I am excited to give this news to the group, and I hope it will be of help to other Johnson owners. Dana
  16. Joseph Scott

    Do you have any buttstocks for sale or mainspring tubes?

    Bob Gorton

  17. Brian I would be interested in purchasing one of your stripped receivers. My first preference would be the 3rd receiver from the top. My second preference would be the top receiver in the photo. If you would contact me at ph. # 405-740-8884 or Thank You
  18. I have several stripped receivers for sale for anyone wanting to replace that drilled and tapped or polished to death receiver. These are fully functional with clear markings, some pitting under wood, import marks "IA CO SAC CA" on the heel. $800 + postage to FFL. Another polished and blued $750
  19. I have some bolt catches left that I have fitted to my guns. $125 plus $6 postage. Satisfaction or exchange/return. Message me.
  20. Bolt catches were individually fitted so replacements do not always (actually usually) work. Fitting is not easy and may require adding additional metal to the camming surface of the bolt catch by welding.
  21. Not easily. The JSAR market is somewhat "soft" right now.
  22. Nice One! That would easily sell for 5K+ in the US.
  23. Thank you very much for reply. Cheers Chris
  24. Very nice looking rifle....appears stock may have been refinished, other than that, appears correct military configuration. You should not have a problem selling other than it is possibly still located in Canada and your local laws. As for current value, I will let others on this forum hazard a guess. Best to start on the high end, see if you get any bites or nibbles, and then work your way down from there. The other option is to put it out to bid on an Internet Auction site, if that is a possibility.
  25. I have received offers between 5k-6k. That's pretty much in the ballpark of what I expected.
  26. how much are you asking?
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