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  2. Thanks for the help. I need an extractor and prefer an original, but a new one may be better for shooting.
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  4. As my rule of thumb, a Winfield sporter is worth about 1/2 the price of an original JSAR and about 2/3 the price of a restored (new bbl, stock, etc) military JSAR
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  6. I have a Winfield sporter in excellent condition serial #5766 any information available? What is the price difference in the Winfield vs the straight military. Thanks so much.
  7. Bought mine from Joe Scott here on the forum
  8. Available from Numrich They also have the screws to the cross bolt.
  9. Johnson rifle fore end stock bolts needed...Any help finding these two parts is greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking. Ed
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  11. I have been involved in a few auctions as well, but I put in what I feel is a fair maximum bid, and leave well enough alone, and let the bidding frenzy do the rest. In several cases I have come out as winning bidder, and at a price lower than my maximum. I just wonder what these guys do when it comes time to unload something...I hope they do not think that they will get their purchase price back. That being said, the Holiday season is upon us, so it might get very busy and I hope that I do not miss something important. Best to all.
  12. I have gotten lucky once at an auction. I was going for a dual drum carrier for my MG-34. The other bidder dropped out at $75 so i won about a $200-$300 item. Otherwise i stay away from auctions like you guys i can't afford to get caught up in a bidding war. But hey if ya got the money ....go for it. Maybe it was the last part he needed to finish his project????? Ryche
  13. Brian, Yes, I remember that auction well. I can empathize with bidders caught up in such a bidding war. Never had the money for that type of contest but I've been tempted to pay far more than something is worth a time or two. As you said, if you have the money and want something bad enough....who is to judge?
  14. If you really want something and money is no object.....few of us are there! can get swept up in a bidding war. Remember 9 or 10 years ago when a nice but by no means exceptional JSAR went for $12000.
  15. I was watching this auction but got busy hunting Indian artifacts. Now, I've just noticed that the barrel has been sold for $1505.00 plus $20.00 shipping. Well, it's time for me to start thinning the herd. Maybe it's time for me to sell a couple of my spare barrels? I have a Chilean Contract barrel in 7mm Mauser. This barrel is all military and in pristine shape. My other barrel has a 1941 JSAR locking lug bushing, center guide collar, bayonet lug, and military sight...all mounted on a 30.06 Springfield 1903A3 used barrel. The chamber is nice and smooth and the bore is shiny with slightly worn lands and grooves indicative of it's age. For the right price I would sell one of the 100% JSAR 30.06 barrels from one of my other collector rifles. It would have all the correct markings and be in better cosmetic condition than the one that just sold on Gunbroker. I like both my spare barrels and would be proud to swap them onto any of my rifles. Just contact me to discuss price or trade options. ""
  16. Anyone know what a Plainfield Machine Co M1 in 5.7mm is worth? Mine has a 21" barrel and a very nice thumb hole stock. Gun is in great shape, but I have not fired it yet.
  17. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you Ed and your family and everyone here on this forum .Thank You for so many years of this forum and all the great people here for their knowledge.
  18. Belated Happy Thanksgiving as well to you, Ed, your family, and to everyone else on the forum. As so eloquently stated, we are a nation blessed by freedoms that no other nation has. We should all be thankful for these freedoms, but we should cautiously remember these freedoms were purchased at a terrible cost. As M48Tanker stated, let us all pray that we never have to go to war again. As we now approach another "holiday season", let us continue to pray that our "world leaders" use more common sense, and rely less on rattling sabres.
  19. Happy Thanksgiving to you also Ed, and to all our Johnson site users. Our Nation has been blessed with freedoms which no other nation possesses and we should be Thankful for those. That's what Thanksgiving Day is all about. We owe a big debt of gratitude to the Melvin Maynard Johnson family. Their innovative designs for the weapons we've used to secure those freedoms, endure to this day. Use this occasion to remind your family and friends that the 1941 Johnson is one of the firearms that secured those freedoms and prosperity for us. Peace can only be defended by superior firepower, and the grace of God. Pray for World Peace so our weapons remain collectors' items.
  20. Best wishes to all the Johnson site users and our website team. We remain grateful for your continued interest in dad's weapons. As we enter the winter holiday season, let us be thankful and hope for more peace in our lifetimes. Happy Thanksgiving from. Ed Johnson on behalf of the family of Melvin Maynard Johnson, Jr.
  21. Just listed my oldest M1941 Johnson SN 3539 on GB. Item # 789462193 - penny start, no reserve. I also listed a super nice 7mm barrel on fleabay: Thanks
  22. Next year the FSSF Veterans Association will be hosting the 73rd FSSF reunion in Rockford Illinois and I will be participating at the WWII re-enactment there as well. Our unit plans to go to the reunion and escort the veterans around the event and I am wanting my Johnson reproduction to be perfect so I am looking for either one of Mr. Scott’s reproduction bipods or event blueprints for the original bipods. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  23. Some really good information and pictures on the Johnson Rifle.
  24. Some really good information and pictures on the Johnson Rifle.
  25. Garand bbls were commonly used on Winfield standard spotters. You could recognize them by the remnants of the hand guard clip grooves and the lower band pin groove. They were also shorter and usually done with JSAR front sight but without bayonet lug. The pin and clip grooves are the giveaway. Remington 700 30/06 take offs are relatively common and inexpensive and work well also.
  26. I was thinking of 1903 and 03a3 barrels. I didn't know of any others used for Johnsons.
  27. Garand, 1903/ 1903/A3, Remington 700 bbls are generally used. I see no reason why a 1917 bbl would not do. As noted, Joseph Scott would know.
  28. Mr. Joseph Scott will be able to tell you if it's possible. I don't think he works on barrels anymore.
  29. I have a N.O.S. P17 barrel that I am willing to turn into a replacement JSAR barrel, if it can be done... Everything is longer and fatter on this barrel, so it needs quite a bit machining.. Anyone with experience on this..? Bill
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