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  2. Some really good information and pictures on the Johnson Rifle.
  3. Some really good information and pictures on the Johnson Rifle.
  4. Garand bbls were commonly used on Winfield standard spotters. You could recognize them by the remnants of the hand guard clip grooves and the lower band pin groove. They were also shorter and usually done with JSAR front sight but without bayonet lug. The pin and clip grooves are the giveaway. Remington 700 30/06 take offs are relatively common and inexpensive and work well also.
  5. I was thinking of 1903 and 03a3 barrels. I didn't know of any others used for Johnsons.
  6. Garand, 1903/ 1903/A3, Remington 700 bbls are generally used. I see no reason why a 1917 bbl would not do. As noted, Joseph Scott would know.
  7. Mr. Joseph Scott will be able to tell you if it's possible. I don't think he works on barrels anymore.
  8. I have a N.O.S. P17 barrel that I am willing to turn into a replacement JSAR barrel, if it can be done... Everything is longer and fatter on this barrel, so it needs quite a bit machining.. Anyone with experience on this..? Bill
  9. Hello, I like how you altered the sporter stock to military profile. Do you have a sketch or print to show how much wood you removed and shape of military profile? I would like to do this to mine. Thanks

  10. Joseph, I got my buttplate  it in the mail today. Thank You. David Spears

  11. WOW......I bought one of the new manufactured main spring recoil tubes from Garry....aka.."dagarbuz." I don't know who his machinist is, but the guy produced an absolutely PERFECT copy of a 1941 Johnson recoil spring tube. To say that it is perfect in all respects is an understatement. If anyone anticipates the need for a recoil tube, even in the future, you should get in on this offer. Well done!
  12. Joe, could you post that 1939 drawing of the butt plate with trap door? I'd like to see that.
  13. Thanks, thats some good info, Joe. From what I can gather my rifle was one of the Dutch that was apparently bought back.
  14. The 1939 drawing of the Johnson stock showed a door to a drilled hole. This was probably intended for tools if sold to the US military. The Dutch did not see a need for tools and ordered a solid butt plate to keep down costs. However the stocks were produced with the "tool" hole and another hole to lighten the weight of rifle. No tools were ever installed at the factory. Some have been added by various owners. Saw one posting showing a British tool set as "original Johnson", not so.
  15. Where in Ky. do you live? I was born and raised in Cumberland County.

                                                                                                David Spears

  16. Yeah, its odd. The bottom screw that's in the butt plate does not come out. They put a door on it that leads to nowhere. No compartment drilled in stock. I saw a documentary on the Winchester House and it had doors like that. Lol.
  17. Looks like a Krag buttplate.
  18. Heres a couple pics of the buttplate on my rifle now. Weird.
  19. Club members are encouraged to utilize this section of the message board. I have had difficulties with retrieving my files from AOL due to problems with their system. Thank you. Ed J
  20. Message sent. Thanks
  21. Yeah, that sounds good. Do you accept money orders? Or maybe debit card? Let me know address and any other info. Thanks

    1. Joseph Scott

      Joseph Scott

      Please send check or money order to Joseph Scott, 2808 Memphis Ae, Nederland, Tx, 77627-6732.  Thanks, Joe

  22. Obviously the one on the left is newer. It still exhibits the circular machining marks and fairly crisp stampings. The barreled one on the right is used but most likely not really worn out. It's just been around and used for years. If it's not giving any problems with lock up, I'd just keep using it. I've seen one which was a LOT worse and still in service. If you replace the one on the right, you can send me the one old one. I can always use another.
  23. I have plenty of new butt plates for $25 plus $7.20 mail. Butt plate screws (originals) are $3 ea, the plates are stamped JS on the back inside. Message me.
  24. I sent him a message on Tuesday but, haven't received an answer yet. Thanks, M48TANKER.
  25. Joe Scott Has really good repos. I have had one of his on my Para carbine for years. Ryche
  26. Comparing 2 locking bushings.. one is from my very early JSAR, the other (not barreled) has markings on the face, and the lugs are more slant inwards.. I would like to know why this difference, or is it a worn-out bushing..? Bill
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