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  2. Hi Brian,  

    I heard from some collectors that you are the guy to talk to about Johnsons.   I have been trying to get a fair one, and will be looking at one next month.    There is an unusual Johnson up for bid.

    Can you take a look at it and let me know what you think?   Best Regards.   Frank Matusek.



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  4. contact me. I know who has both the hammer and Dror sights <>
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  6. Not easy. JSAR LMG and DROR lowers are relatively easy to find. The DROR vertical magazine well is difficult and is usually found in multiple pieces. It also takes some serious fitting/welding to attach it to the modified receiver.
  7. Yes! So where does one aquire a LMG lower or even better a Dror vertical magwell lower?
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  9. I am looking for a LMG hammer.
  10. I am looking for a two of second type Dror rear sights.
  11. Walt Liss and I have seen a dagger bayonet in a legitimate Johnson collection several years ago matching the one above. (However, it would not surprise me if "copies" were made.) It was a prototype of the lighter dagger model, which was designed so as not to interfere with the balance of the recoil mechanism. There is a photo on page 31 of the Johnson/Canfield book.
  12. Looks like a fair LMG. I think the estimate shown is too low. They also have a JSAR, S/N B6540. Estimate is probably pretty accurate. I like this MG34. Though it's semi-dewat, my 07/02 SOT says he can fix it and get it to run. Now all I need is the insurance to kick out some money for the guns I lost in the house fire.
  13. Brian hits the home run
  14. I visited Doc Ross a while back and he had one. Enough said!
  15. One of my JSAR's is a Miltech. It is an extremely accurate shooter as Miltech puts a Match Grade barrel on them when they restore them. I have had mine for 12 years and put over 5,000 rounds through it without a single problem. If you want a period accurate Milsurp, it is not for you. However, if you want a 1 MOA shooter that you know is perfectly safe to shoot, and not have to worry about finding a gunsmith that knows something about the rife, it is a great option.
  16. Looks like the knife blade bayonet used on the Enfield No. 4 Mark 2 welded to a Johnson mount assembly.
  17. Looks like the bayonet for an Enfield No. 4 Mark 2 welded to a Johnson mount assembly.

  18. Metrotps, is yours a Winfield or original? Even if its a Winfield, I would've asked more.
  19. Thank you Brian, that is exactly what I was wondering! Was mainly trying to figure out how easily a "Daisy May' could be made from a gun set up for the side feed LMG magazine well, and that answers it.... not very easily.
  20. The JSAR can be converted to accept the magazine support assembly and horizontal mags from the LMG by milling off the lugs thru which the rotary mag is pinned to the receiver. This is part of the process of modifying a JSAR receiver to accept a LMG parts set when building a LMG look-a-like in semi auto. Obviously, once these lugs are ground off, the rotary magazine can no longer be used.
  21. Not sure why you would want to make such a conversion. And are you talking about converting the Johnson 1941 RIFLE or the Johnson 1941 Light Machine Gun? Also, the Canfield book "Johnson Rifles and Machine Guns" makes mention of the model T-48 & T53 belt-fed JLMGs on pages 215 - 217. Presumably, a 30:06 or .270 drum magazine could also be modified to feed in through the left side of the gun, but the weight of same, fully loaded with perhaps 50 rounds or more, would cause poor balance.
  22. From what I can tell the rotary magazine and the side feed LMG magazine should be interchangeable, but if one of you very knowledgeable folks could confirm that I would really appreciate it!
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