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  2. Hey Ed, I was at Barnes and Noble today and spotted a copy of the edition you need. I bought it but need an address to send it to you. Maybe you can get my Email from Jim. I have it tubed up in a cardboard tube so just need to know where to send it. All the best, Alasdair
  3. Hey Guys, I'm looking for a magazine cover spring. It's the last part I need to complete my rifle. Sarco and Numrich are either out of stock, or don't have them at all. I know it's a hard part to find. Anyone know where I can source one? Thanks Jeremy
  4. Randy called me last week to inform me that My new stock was on the way back from the guy that bores the spring tube hole.I should here something from him this week. Ed
  5. Ed, you pay for nothing, it is my pleasure to provide it for you if you cant get it. All the best, Alasdair
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  7. Mr. Randy Murray called today and told me my stock was on the way from the guy that drilled the spring tube hole.He told me as soon as he had it in hand he would call me back. Ed
  8. Alasdair, yes I understood it used to be Shotgun News. Used that one back in the '60's for obtaining M1 Carbine parts for the 5.7mm Spitfires. Have jst ordered a subscription but it might not include the above issue. If I can't get a copy, I'll get back to you. I'll pay for any copying you might need to do. ej
  9. Ed, he is correct, this use to be "Shotgun News." The cover shows the new "Galil ACE pistol from IWI., cordially, Alasdair Also the writer is definitely pro Johnson rifle and products. Shotgun News now Firearms News also has big pages for the photos and information. Let me know if you cant get it and I will copy mine and send it to you, Alasdair
  10. Ed...this publication is formally Shotgun News ArtR
  11. Alasdair, what does the front cover of the magazine look like? Does it have Kavarri .338 Lapua? I'm trying to buy the magazine and I'm not sure of the issue. Ed J
  12. Hi Guys, New member from Canada here. I just picked up a 1941 Johnson a few weeks ago. Serial # 3706, and would like to get the history on it. I've been doing a lot of research on the rifle, and am very happy I discovered this site. I've already pm'd a few people and received some very helpful advice. When I received the gun it was missing a couple pieces. One being the front cross pin and the magazine cover spring. I've found and ordered a replacement cross pin, but have been unable to find a magazine cover spring. Does anyone know where to get one? Thanks
  13. Firearms News, January 2018 issue 2 has a 6 page article with photos on the Johnson rifle and LMGs. Cordially Alasdair
  14. I have new recoil springs made to spec for Johnson. $25 plus postage. Message me, Joe
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  16. looking for info who make a good spring..thx
  17. looking for info who make a good spring..thx
  18. I would assume the process would be like blank adapting an M2, having the adapter attached to the receiver then leading up to the end of the barrel so the action will work properly. The toughest weapon I’ve had to blank adapt was the BAR but it’s action is so heavy and tight it had to have hundreds of live rounds fired and multiple tests with different bores and gas settings. I don’t think a simple drill and tap adapter will work on the Johnson though.
  19. To be honest about it NO. He seems like a good guy but no concept of time.
  20. metrotps, Yes, I really like McMaster-Carr too. I've used them for many pounds of rivets for M2HBs, 1919A4's and AKs. Lots of end mills too. Put me in a hardware store and I'll stay for hours. So many little money!
  21. I use McMaster-Carr at work. Great service and here is the link for 12mm hones.
  22. Thanks Joe and Tanker..
  23. Here's a quickie from Wikopedia as a reference point. Still wondering about a weaker mainspring, Tanker. See what you think. ej Gas operated and blowback firearms Blank Firing Adapter attached to an M16/M203 BFAs for blowback and gas-operated firearms are relatively simple. These weapons depend on high pressures in the chamber generated by the combustion of the propellant to push the breech block to the rear, allowing another round to be chambered and fired. If a blank round is used, there is no bullet to seal the barrel, and the combustion gases exit through the muzzle without building up enough pressure to rechamber the next round.[3] Simple BFAs for these firearms consist of a metal plug with screw threads. The adapter is attached to the muzzle of the firearm, and may attach to or replace the muzzle brake if there is one. A means is provided to allow some of the powder gases to escape. This can be adjustable, allowing it to regulate the amount of pressure used to rechamber the next round.[2] A drawback to the use of BFAs in gas-operated firearms is the amount of powder residue that builds up in the barrel. Since a limited amount can escape (compared to when live ammunition is in use), and the barrel can foul very quickly. Extreme care must be taken to ensure cleanliness of the barrel following BFA use to avoid damage to the weapon and injury to the operator due to fouling in the barrel.[2] Recoil operated firearms Drawings from US patent 4,128,040, for a blank firing adapter for the short recoil operated M2 Browning machine gun. Since blank cartridges generate very little recoil, far less than that produced by a live round, the recoil operation mechanism is not suitable for use with blanks. BFAs used with recoil operated firearms typically replace the locked breech of a recoil operated firearm with a simple blowback system using a restricted barrel, similar to a gas operated BFA. Short recoil operated pistols, the most common type used for self-defense and by police, are typically converted with a simple barrel replacement; the replacement barrel will lack the locking lugs to lock the slide to the frame, and will be built with an adjustable restrictor to control the chamber pressure. On designs with tilting barrels (again, the majority of modern designs are like this) there may also be a provision for tilting the barrel back, simulating the unlocking of the slide — this is visible in US Patent 5,585,589 listed below. One notable exception to the design of BFAs for recoil operated firearms is machine guns based on short recoil designs, such as the German MG 34 and its descendants. These designs use a muzzle booster to add energy to the recoiling parts, and muzzle brakes for these designs simply replace the muzzle booster with one that provides far more boost with blank cartridges. The M2 heavy machine gun, while it does not use a muzzle booster normally, can use a similar muzzle-booster-derived BFA.
  24. I believe that I have a few hundred linked rounds of 30.06 blanks. I'll pull a few out of the belt 'to see if they will cycle the action. I'll let you know the results. The only caveat I can think of is you should probably use some type of muzzle deflector in case the blank expels a shard of brass? I believe my blanks are simply crimped on the end of the brass casing.
  25. Joe, thanks for the information. I went to Wholesale Tools of Tulsa's web page and found the hones you spoke of. They are much cheaper than the ones sold by "Brush Research" .com. Next time I'll order from WTT and compare the products. Here is the list on WTT's web site showing the 12mm hones:
  26. I used 12mm hones of 180 and 240 grit. There is a special honing oil but it usually comes in 5 gal buckets. Many times I just used running water to keep the stones clean. Remember you are having to remove most of the chamber wall to get down to bottom of pitting. Pitting is usually very small and can't be seen. You will have to push the hone down into the smaller diameter of chamber. Use 3/8 variable speed drill, move the hone up and down in chamber. The flex hone cutting carbide balls are mount on the end of steel wire. Do Not use the hones without inspecting that the wires are not coming out end of the stone balls. It scratches the chamber badly. A hone was usually good for two/ three jobs. Hone about 5 minutes, wash/clean barrel and oil, then test fire. Repeat as necessary (I have done as many a 7 repeats). This process will not change headspace. I have tried reaming to remove pits but it doesn't work and can alter headspace. I paid about $12-$16 for hones up to 5 years ago. Wholesale Tools of Tulsa was my source.
  27. Thank You So Much for the information and site I have a problem once in a while i will order the items you have listed
  28. Many times we get questions about extraction and ejection problems. A lot of problems can be cured by cleaning and/or honing the chamber. If done properly this is not going to hurt your chamber and will keep it serviceable for many years to come. Mr. Joe Scott has advocated chamber cleaning and honing time after time in response to these problems. I've used different combinations of brass brushes, worn emery cloth, and even resorted to a newly purchased finish reamer for one project. In response to one of Joe Scott's posts about the tools being available at online supply houses, I found a place which sells all sorts of "Flex-Hones" .....even some especially made for firearms. So, here is one place to order your chamber hones: Not only do they sell hones for firearms but they offer videos of how to use them, and have hones for every other purpose on earth. I just placed an order for two hones: a 400 grit hone and an 800 grit hone. They aren't particularly cheap but I suspect they will last me many years. This is what the order looked like:
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