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  1. Perhaps a video of the 1941 Johnson Functionality like this one for the M1 Garand?
  2. Ive got 11 3/4" overall length,
  3. Some more good advice.
  4. Thanks Joe and Tanker..
  5. Merry Christmas, Have a safe Holiday.
  6. Most likely a Cutts Compensator
  7. Please post a pic of your Murray Stock when it arrives. I am interested in the fit and finish. Thanks
  8. Its a Good book, I have a copy. For that price you can't beat it...
  9. A good alternative for a missing Cross Pin is this 3/16" stainless pull pin that we use in the Marine Canvas trade,
  10. Laminated stocks would look very nice an a 1941 Johnson.
  11. Miltec does a good job on restorations. They did a 1941Johnson rifle for me. Part of the service they provide on the 1941 Johnson is a new stock and barrel. When I went to pick up my rifle I asked for my original barrel and stock, they said the stock was broken due to the removal of the recoil spring tube, and did not return my barrel or stock. So if you deal with them, bring them the rifle without the wood and the barrel or you will never see them again. If you chose to deal with them, get it in writing that you want your original parts back.
  12. You might try here..
  13. I like it, Looks like my Krag Stock also..
  14. Just thought you might like to see this video on amazing craftsmanship.
  15. Hello Alasdair, Haven't heard from you in a while. How are things down in SoCal? Mitch