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  1. Maybe someone could use this. Sorry, it's been sold.
  2. On gunbroker
  3. This might help you guys out. Harry
  4. Here's one for sale.
  5. Brian may know this one. It will be at the show in Louisville. He's asking 6K and will entertain offers.
  6. It would benefit from a better stock.
  7. Here's one for sale.
  8. Here's another one.
  9. In the RIA auction in December there is a rare Johnson rifle coming up for sale. I don't care for auctions much because of their buyer premiums Harry
  10. For some reason, Jack always gets top dollar for his guns.
  11. How does 40 bucks plus shipping sound ?
  12. I have an original fore stock that I would let go reasonable. I could send pictures. Harry
  13. Sorry I was thinking about German import machine guns after 1968.
  14. You can't buy the LMG unless you are a dealer.
  15. Bruce Canfield has one of the prototypes like the one pictured on the top. I contacted him and it is not for sale at any price. If I could get my hands on one to copy, I would make a few.