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  1. Does anyone have a photo of a US marked receiver? Are these fake, uncommon, etc,. Mine seems to have a very light US on top of the receiver, forward of the bolt charging handle. May be my imagination. Thanks.
  2. Mr. Alpert, Thank you very much for the information. I greatly appreciate it. Jeff
  3. Thanks. Just received my copy of Bruce Canfield's book. I am very excited to finally own one of these.
  4. Is there anyway to get the ship date and original list of numbered parts for serial number 3188?
  5. Thank you sir. I may be interested in a bayonet. I have ordered Canfield's book. It should be here next week. I printed out a copy of the manual and have read it. Pretty interesting writing at the front of the manual. My email address is warrantw412@hotmail.com. I would love to discuss the bayonet. Thanks.
  6. Here ya go. I am not much on photography. https://imgur.com/gallery/aVkkb
  7. Sir, Several of my cousins and one uncle were Vietnam Veterans. I had six uncles in WW2 which is what got me started in my interest. Congratulations on your son's retirement. I stuck it out for 30 and loved every minute. I am excited about the forum and being a Johnson owner finally. I purchased the rifle from those guys at this past weekends Hampton Gun Show. Thanks very much.
  8. This site was recommended to me from someone on another forum. I am retired military and live in north east North Carolina and I am looking forward to being a part of this forum. Thanks, Jeff
  9. Hi, I am new to the forum and new to 1941 Johnsons. My name is Jeff and have been collecting WW2 militaria for many years. My focus is on Garands, but collect all US arms used in WW2. Looking forward to learning what I can here. Thanks. I just purchased serial number 3188. The front sight pins look long, so they may have been replaced. The butt stock does not have lightening holes, so I assume it is an old repro. The rest of the rifle looks good. ME is 1.8 and the bore is in nice condition. I would appreciate any info that may be available for the serial number. Thanks very much. Jeff