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  1. Congrats on your new find and also on the low serial number!! I found mine just a few weeks back and was able to locate a correct bayonet with scabbard from a shop in Idaho, also bought the Canfield book which is a must have. Look forward to seeing the results on your serial number. Tom
  2. Thanks Ed, hope to hear from Walt once the tree has been removed from his truck! Hopefully it's still drivable and Walt is OK!! I will try to post photos showing the tip of this bayonet soon so all can see.
  3. Ed, I bought a copy a week ago online.....should be here any day.
  4. Ryche, good to hear from another JSAR owner......I am available to meet before the show if you are able......I work for a custom home builder in Prescott so I am on the road most of the day. You can email me at and we can arrange it. Tom Graham
  5. I would appreciate knowing the dimensions of your bayonet, the overall length would be helpful.
  6. Thank you Mitch, I just measured mine and the length is about 1/16" under 11-3/4" and has been slightly ground/sharpened about 1" from the tip The bayonet has 4-digit numbers stamped in two locations.....on the rivet and on the barrel ring that fits over the muzzle and these numbers do not match each other. I assume that is the correct location for military issued bayonets but I am still waiting for my book by Canfield to show up so I can do more research. The scabbard is in OK condition but has some checking/cracking at the point end and the strap is showing cracking/thinning as well. The asking price for this bayonet with scabbard is $425 and the seller sent it to me for me to inspect before sending payment. He did inform me of the point being sharpened.
  7. Thank you Brian for that incredibly quick response!! ***Very interesting to learn that exactly 76 years ago today this weapon was transferred to the NPC*** The bolt #7069 and locking cam #6338 are the only numbers I can confirm as a matching to this rifle so far, I will have to further disassemble to check some of the other part numbers. I recently acquired this rifle from the family of Fred Wells the rifle maker here in Prescott, AZ. Fred's brother Homer ended up with this rifle after WWII I was told that Homer had a few M1941's and this one was the best shooter so he sold the rest.
  8. I recently acquired an original correct bayonet for my M1941 and it looks like about 1" of the tip has been lightly sharpened along the way and I want to be sure it has not been shortened. Can someone in the know give me some dimensions on an unaltered bayonet so I can compare to what I have?? Regards. Tom Graham - Prescott Valley, AZ
  9. New to the forum and looking for serial number information for S/N 7790 This recently acquired rifle appears to be in original military configuration with no apparent alterations Thank you in advance, Tom Graham - Prescott Valley, AZ