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  1. Nice One! That would easily sell for 5K+ in the US.
  2. Sent PM, no answer.
  3. Nice price!
  4. http://imgur.com/a/PQOwx
  5. Mine. http://imgur.com/a/PQOwx
  6. Link no worky!
  7. Too high for a Miltech. There is one on armslist now w/o bayo. for 4300. It is in NJ. I spoke to owner.
  8. Comes with display box? Could be a Miltech?
  9. picked up a few.
  10. Is there any serial # list available for A1098?
  11. Looks like a nice one!
  12. Been looking for one for awhile. Just received this one today.http://imgur.com/a/P5oXr
  13. I am looking for a bayonet.
  14. I have a chance to buy one. Value?