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  1. Looks like a Krag buttplate.
  2. Got one years ago and I think it's slightly different, but don't recall if it was from Sarco or Gunparts. I don't think there's as much of a pinch in the center. Mine is very U shaped and matches what came in the Johnson. This one is more lightbulbish. Repro??
  3. Great work!
  4. I think there are two sets of those notches on the firing pin. The one near the middle is where the washer should go...and yes, no back and forth movement. Don't close up the hole in the washer for the FP spring as it has a little finger on the back that goes into that hole. Refer to the linky below, number 8. http://www.johnsonautomatics.com/disassembly.htm
  5. I had the same issue when I first broke down mine for cleaning. Think it was here that I saw a fix. Someone suggested squeezing the washer with pliers to push it into the notches in the splines of the firing pin. Tried it and it's held for years. It is a softer metal, so you need to be careful, make sure it stays round and has no burs. I think Miltech solders them in place during restoration...could be wrong about that.
  6. I had a similar issue awhile ago. The fired round extracted, but was dropped by the extractor before hitting the ejector. Turns out there was so much slop and fore/aft movement in the (I have to assume aftermarket) extractor, that it wouldn't hold the spent case. If I recall, the dimensions of the one I replaced were a little different. Bought a new one here, and it's been fine since...except it's pretty difficult to remove the charging handle now that it's all tight.
  7. Gonna take awhile to digest that
  8. With my tax refund I should be able to buy a brochure. Sigh....
  9. Saw that on GB last night. Lots and lots of pictures. And so folks don't have to go to GB, here's the link http://www.gunbroker.com/Item/598979525
  10. If it helps, I think I have a forend around here...somewhere. Best described as a fixer upper. Would probably need to be broken and re-glued. It doesn't have any metal.
  11. How many do I have to buy before they are free?