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I have a couple new manufactured main spring recoil tubes for the '41 Johnson SAR for sale. I needed one for my military buttstock and bought a new old stock one. I wanted to keep my sporter stock complete. I then had my master machinist buddy make 3 more to the exact same specs. I'll sell them for $180.00 each and that includes shipping. Contact me with any questions at gbcreate@aol.comĀ 

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Garry, thank you for making the recoil tubes available. The availability of a recoil tube has allowed me to sell the stock set which I've been advertising! THANKS.

I've finished another stock set and will be wanting a recoil tube for that one. This is the last of my stock sets and it will be available for the same price. If anyone buys this stock set and needs a recoil tube for it......we can work something out in order to get another tube from Garry.

Per our emails, there is a check on it's way to you for one of your excellent recoil tubes. Thanks for thinking of others when you needed one for yourself!

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