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  1. Were you the same person that sent me info similar to the above? Did you receive my replies? Or is yours an entirely new situation? Ed J
  2. Price of $500 or more seems high, based on what Randy told me after I called him on the phone.....
  3. Thank you. I'll follow up later. ej
  4. Contact info for Randy?
  5. Might possibly have a use for a buttstock without mainspring hole drilled. Any idea of price?
  6. Possible interest. Will advise. ej
  7. When we built the Melvin Johnson 5.7mm "Spitfire" Carbines, we used 40 grain bullets in .2235. I can send you more info including our intro sheet for 5.7 club members. Need your E-mail address. Send it to: edwardrjohnson610@gmail.com
  8. To Brian & Tanker....thank you both for the clarifications. I wasn't thinking along the lines of a '41 JLMG look-alike in semi-auto only. Makes sense. ej
  9. Tanker....Thank you. I remain puzzled about that barrel and elevated front sight on a "standard" JSAR. Am wondering if it is instead mounted on a "Daisy Mae" or a mock up of a Daisy Mae. I know that one member of our website team has a "real" one...which might even be Torgenson's. I know that at least one other website team member put together a mock up. The $5k price range would be appropriate for a mockup, but low for an original, to say the least. Otherwise, it would be an actual JLMG? In which case, again, price would be too low. ej
  10. Thank you. It sounds like it might be worthwhile for me to obtain a copy of the book. ej
  11. For some reason, I had trouble looking at the rest of the photos. The above view suggests a JLMG barrel on a JSAR. Was this a modification rifle? ej
  12. Thank you. Do you know if there are any other photos of Johnson Rifle or machine Gun in the Chris Mason book? I do know about the material in the Canfield book, as I was involved in helping to get it written. Ed J
  13. Decent photos and detail. Are all of these from the Chris Mason Paramarine! book? ej
  14. Rich, send me your E-mail address to edwardrjohnson610@gmail.com and I'll send you an E-mail sheet on what to look for. Ed J
  15. The last photo appears to definitely be a "Daisy Mae" Carbine but it wouldn't make sense to use a JLMG magazine pouch per se, as the horizontal magazines would not be feeding the JSAR rotary magazine as there would have been no feed lips for that magazine. And the photo of the soldier holding the carbine and wearing the pouch does not seem to match the photos we have of Torgerson in the book (Johnson Rifles & Machine Guns, by Canfield). But yes....very nice to have such a photo. ej