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  1. It looks like a legitimate item, if a bit worn. These are quite rare. Photos of Dad modeling a slightly different (hard) magazine carrier is on page 105 and 137 of the Johnson book. However, page 136 describes both the leather backpack (illustrated) and the "canvas carrying pouch" used during combat. Walt Liss and I were visited by the noted collector, Bruce Stern, prior to his death several years ago. He showed us several items, including a canvas magazine pouch, very similar to the one for sale. I photographed Bruce's and it is very similar. So the item for sale appears to be genuine. ej
  2. If there were a slight difference at the muzzle end, this would not interfere with semi-auto recoil unlocking operation. As long as the dimensions at the chamber end are not modified, as "Bill" indicates above, you should be OK and just use the 22" as a guide. One of our Website members, "48 Tanker," has made barrels previously. If he reads this, he can wade in.
  3. Joe, I cannot help asking: How would the Polish 38m rifle have fared against the '41 Johnson? ej
  4. Fulton Armory is a quality shop. I visited them some years ago. I'm not quite sure what the problem might be. So I have questions: 1) Do you know who manufactured the barrel? 2) Did the barrel include a gas port (very small hole) drilled into the barrel halfway down or so? 3) Was a gas piston installed over the gas port, so that the gas from the explosion would be "leaked" into the little hole and move the piston which would in turn hit and move the operating slide backward, hitting the bolt so that the bolt would move to the rear, the extractor on the bolt would grab the empty case, and eventually (with the bolt ejector rod) eject the spent empty cartridge? 4) If Fulton is making M1 Carbines and drilling gas ports for .30 M1 Carbine Ammo, the standard port size would probably still work for the 5.7 round? 5) Who is "PCI" as a manufacturer? 6) Did Fulton explain why they would not time the action? What was their reason? If you are in touch with Fulton on a friendly basis, tell them I'm the one asking the questions. Ed J
  5. Thank you. I did spot one "game" but the collection on disassembly didn't include the '41 JSAR. So I'll wait.
  6. Much appreciated. If there is a specific name for the game, I can probably google it.
  7. How do I locate and/or possibly purchase this "game?" I assume it has to be on a disk of some kind. I would rather do that as opposed to having someone try to bootleg something off the air. Life is too short as it is. ej
  8. No, I had not seen this. Thank you. I'm curious to know who actually did it. ej
  9. Start with SARCO in PA....they have a large inventory of military gun parts.
  10. Welcome aboard. Be patient on the bayonet subject. In the interim, check with SARCO in PA to see if they have any replicas or possibly some in less desirable condition. Ed J
  11. I sense that Dad is still spinning......
  12. Is that # 9648? Hard to read.
  13. Jeed, you got yourself a rare piece at a very low price. Congratulations! The 12" short-barreled Police model will probably never be found. Two of Dad's died in house fires. I do not know if the New Haven CT PD would still have the three that they purchased back in the 1960's. Muzzle velocity was around 2650 FPS versus close to 3000 from 18" normal barrels. Total production of all Spitfires was less than 200. Your number 1100 would have been towards the end of production. Final assembly was in a large custom gun facility in Hope Valley, Rhode Island which is described in the book from info that I provided. If you are shooting the gun, use caution to make sure that the bullet is not so much fatter than the bore as to cause problems. Measure it carefully. If you give me your E-mail, I can send you our "5.7 Club" info. Write me at edwardrjohnson610@gmail.com (E D W A R D R J O H N S O N 6 1 0) use lower case. Some folks miss the little "r" in the middle.... :-) Thanks also for the link on the Spitfire video. I don't have any problem with the various comments. Dad was ahead of his time, but we tried anyway. Ed J
  14. My eyes aren't that good. Is it a JSAR or a JSLMG receiver? If it is JSAR, #3923, we might be able to track history. Brian also has the file disk.
  15. If photos are available, it would help. The stock might be a custom piece. If in good condition, it might get $400 to 500 but the photo would help. One of our own Johnson Spitfires (listed above) recently went for over $600.00 but it was a factory made original with no alterations. Ed J