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  1. Walt Liss and I have seen a dagger bayonet in a legitimate Johnson collection several years ago matching the one above. (However, it would not surprise me if "copies" were made.) It was a prototype of the lighter dagger model, which was designed so as not to interfere with the balance of the recoil mechanism. There is a photo on page 31 of the Johnson/Canfield book.
  2. Not sure why you would want to make such a conversion. And are you talking about converting the Johnson 1941 RIFLE or the Johnson 1941 Light Machine Gun? Also, the Canfield book "Johnson Rifles and Machine Guns" makes mention of the model T-48 & T53 belt-fed JLMGs on pages 215 - 217. Presumably, a 30:06 or .270 drum magazine could also be modified to feed in through the left side of the gun, but the weight of same, fully loaded with perhaps 50 rounds or more, would cause poor balance.
  3. You are in good company. Dad himself had a blued rifle on the wall of his personal library at our house in New Haven, CT. Bob Lamoreaux donated it just a few years ago to the the new USMC Museum. ej
  4. Nice photo, Jim.
  5. Dad had a Winfield Sporter at one point, so you're in good company. I think he sold it to a friend but I wasn't able to locate it after Dad died in 1965. Beautiful gun.
  6. Brian, that's quite a collection. Perhaps even Dad would be jealous. Hope it goes well...... ej
  7. The serial number of 9313 is indeed mentioned on page 249 of the book "Johnson Rifles and machine Guns" by Canfield. Some additional photos showing the condition of the rifle would be helpful. And I've heard crazier bar stories. And $50 was a fair piece of money back in the 1940's. If you have other part numbers, it might help us also. Meanwhile....I strongly suggest that you obtain a copy of the book itself, which will give you much more info on what you have. If none are available, the publisher is Mowbray at 1 800 999 4697.
  8. To 5.7 Club members....In the past, we have referred people to Hoffman in Florida for conversion work on mounting 5.7mm barrels onto existing .30 M1 Carbine receivers. Hoffman is no longer doing this work, so we are therefore looking for a gunsmith in the USA who can handle this type of work professionally. If you have any leads, E-mail me at: edwardrjohnson610@gmail.com Thanks for any help you can give. ej
  9. See posting on this site for an item being bid on a Rock Island auction, but be careful. Try and find out as much as you can about the rifle.
  10. Working informally on putting a non-operating JSAR together from non-usable parts. Let me know how much for the fore stock. We might need one. Sporter model is OK. My e-mail is: edwardrjohnson610@gmail.com thanks. ej
  11. In the event you find you need a stock, I might want to buy the old one. A friend is putting together a wall display Rifle (never to be shot) from old, non working parts. A cracked stock wouldn't matter. You can e-mail me once you decide what you want to do. use: edwardrjohnson610@gmail.com
  12. Yup. That's the proper Johnson 1941LMG ammunition pouch. The one that Walt Liss and I saw, along with many other items, belonged to Bruce Stern. He visited with us in Connecticut for an afternoon photo shoot several years ago, and died about 2 years after that. Chances are, the pouch at the Julia auction (that you didn't get) was pobably from the Stern collection. As for the pouch being used in combat, or how many were made, we don't really have too much info. For clarification, there were actually 2 versions of the magazine carrier produced, and I refer you to page 136 and the photo on page 137 of Canfield's JOHNSON'S RIFLES AND MACHINE GUNS. Note that my father modeled the leather backpack....I have never personally seen any of those and I think they would be considered very rare. The canvas pouch, developed later, is what Mr. Stern showed us....also a rare item. Congratulations on your find. We should all keep our eyes open for such items.
  13. Merry Christmas, Art....and to everyone else on here as well. This has been a difficult year for some of us, especially our Webmaster, Jim Pullen, who lost his house and pets to a fire several months ago. I'm pleased to report that he sent me photos of their new house and Jim hopes they will be moving in soon. On the plus side, Walt Liss and his wife moved back into their beautiful new log home a few months ago, after they, too, had lost their previous house to a fire. Let us all hope that we will finish off this year as smoothly as possible, and that life will be a bit quieter in 2017. Ed J
  14. Regarding my above post yesterday, here is more info and a link: I reviewed the photos. This was not produced by my father (Johnson Guns) or myself (Johnson Arms) and it does not appear to be from either Iver Johnson or from Plainfield Machine. I believe Auto Ordnance may have taken over IAI when they went out of business several years ago. The 5.7mm barrel may have come from their older stock. In any case, I'm posting it in the Johnson Website Message Board with the link below in the event anyone might be interested. Ed J In a message dated 12/3/2016 9:02:02 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, andersons74@verizon.net writes: