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  1. High near 0. You have strange weather in VT.
  2. There WAS a lot of Johnson in the AR.....a large book came out recently titled "The Armalite AR-10" by Collector Grade Publications of Canada which includes considerable detail on Dad's involvement, along with some early background comments by myself. As everyone should know by now, the AR-10 was the "grandfather" of the later AR-15 / M - 16 series.
  3. Hope he doesn't want to take over from Joe Scott. ej
  4. As an addendum, one of my E-mail addresses has been changed. Anyone trying to reach me regarding any spitfire 5/7 info or johnson rifle/lmg info should use: edwardrjohnson610@gmail.com
  5. I never received any further provenance corroboration on the above, so cannot comment further on what I already stated. Ed J
  6. Sarco in PA might have some. Charles Steen is the senior man, if he's still around.
  7. I think Jim covered it properly. My guess is most folks read it, as the number of A & B series requests has dropped since Jim posted it. However, some folks are in a hurry so we get the questions.....
  8. No serial number info for A series rifles. Website manager has mentioned this before.
  9. Were you the same person that sent me info similar to the above? Did you receive my replies? Or is yours an entirely new situation? Ed J
  10. Price of $500 or more seems high, based on what Randy told me after I called him on the phone.....
  11. Thank you. I'll follow up later. ej
  12. Contact info for Randy?
  13. Might possibly have a use for a buttstock without mainspring hole drilled. Any idea of price?
  14. Possible interest. Will advise. ej
  15. When we built the Melvin Johnson 5.7mm "Spitfire" Carbines, we used 40 grain bullets in .2235. I can send you more info including our intro sheet for 5.7 club members. Need your E-mail address. Send it to: edwardrjohnson610@gmail.com