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  1. Hi, have a carbine that I was thinking of selling. It is a 5.57 manufacture by Johndon Arms. The only thing is it's in a Gai stock. Tony.
  2. Hi, don't know if this helps but I have a sportier barrel.
  3. Hi, looks like you are missing the indoor target rifle. Tony
  4. I have a carbine in military stock was wondering of ball park price. It's in 95% condition. Have some Ammo also. Thank you Tony.
  5. Hi what is the going price for Dardick pistol. Know where one is. Thank you Tony
  6. tried to changr and says that the email is taken. new email is Thank you Tony
  7. Hi, not to rain on your parade but I took all guns back from them RIC They put value TOOOOOO low and wanted to put in one lot.Also when they sold Hagens collection of Liberator's a lot of freinds felt they did not bring what they should have, just my 2 cent's Tony P.S. anybody know what a Dardick in parts is worth? Thank you
  8. Hi They are not to good to deal with , Rockisland that is , I had some problems , so do not feel to bad about being blown off. I like the one in N.H. Tony
  9. Hi Tanker, what do you want for mag. Thank you Tony
  11. BOY BOY I nevre thought, now what do we do?????????????????????????
  12. Hi,am interested you can call cell 516 315 1248 Tony
  13. Hi, was wondering if anybody knows where I can find GO/ NO GO gages. Tony
  14. Hi, gun is for sale asking is 30,000. thank you Tony