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  1. Same stock that sold just over a week ago for $615. May have been a non-payer, so they re-listed possibly.
  2. Limited edition triple deluxe.
  3. Thanks anyway Ed, I'm used to receiving credit for things I didn't do. More bad than good though.
  4. Cool video! An attestment to the design by Melvin Johnson used by the Israeli's need for weapons and our country's future M16/AR15 with 50+ years of service. Thanks for posting and Merry Christmas/Happy New Year.
  5. Numrich has swivels still listed......$4.00 Sarco lists an upper buttplate screw.....$3.50 and a buttplate screw @ $4.00
  6. As long as there is a buyer with more dollars than "sense".
  7. If they are selling for the same price when they were last open for business,I'll take two or three.
  8. Here is an address for some information about your rifle. http://www.pyramidair.com/blog/2005/12/johnson-indoor-target-gun.html
  9. My sincere sympathy to you in your great loss. May you find comfort and strength to carry you through difficult times.
  10. Sounds like someone has been watching "American Guns" too. Adriaan, Is reality TV as popular in Europe as it is here? Personally, I'm ready for it to move on. Some of these programs I would enjoy more WITHOUT the drama.
  11. How about the episode where they put the Walthers on the "James Bond" car under the front bumper, fired from a switch on the dash. How much hot water would that land you in if pulled over? Maybe that's a form of concealed carry in Colorado.
  12. It looks really good. You did a very nice job. The wood matches very well too.
  13. I believe oldtirediron is EKCloseouts on gunbroker and currently has a swivel listed. I purchased one from him several months ago and was pleased with it. Just search M1941 Johnson on gunbroker and it should come up for you.
  14. They showed NRA's Mark Keefe firing it and showing some of its' quirks.They stated that Melvin Johnson wanted to design a weapon that was lighter than a BAR and that only a few thousand were produced and used by Marine paratroopers and special forces. Those in the "know" thought that the BAR was a weapon that would go into the future, while the Johnson LMG was a weapon for the time. It wasn't a very long segment of the show as compared to other "I have this old gun" I've watched. If you missed it, don't feel too left out.