1941 Johnson barrel for sale.

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I still have a nice 1941 Johnson barrel for sale. The price is firm at $700.00 plus shipping. There are pictures of the barrel in the "Gallery" section under my handle: "M48TANKER"

The bottom barrel in the picture is the one for sale. It has the "shark fin" front sight like the LMG. I bought both barrels from the same fellow a few years ago. I parkerized them and then sold the upper barrel in the picture. Again.....the upper barrel in the picture...(the JSAR barrel) has been sold to another board member.

The barrel I'm advertising for sale is the bottom barrel in the picture. Also, I do have an extra original JSAR front sight and bayonet lug with which I can replace the "shark fin" sight....  if you prefer. You can "have it your way" with either sight option. Of course I'd prefer to sell the bottom LMG/para carbine barrel as it is...... intact with the shark fin sight so I don't have to re-parkerize it.

After the bottom LMG barrel sells, I will sell the JSAR front sight and bayonet lug separately, or buy it all and decide later?

The barrel is in excellent shape with sharp lands and grooves and a good chamber.





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I would interested in your front sight and bayonet lug if you decide to sell separate


Bob Gorton


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