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    All things that use gunpowder.
  1. Bill If you find a source for the mainspring tube please pass on the info. as I need one also. Bob Gorton
  2. Ed Did you hear back from Randy ?
  3. Have not heard anything from Randy Murray about my buttstock order in June, anybody find a new source yet ?? Bob G.
  4. Have not heard anything from Randy Murray ,anyone find a new source for buttstocks ??
  5. Joseph Scott

    Do you have any buttstocks for sale or mainspring tubes?

    Bob Gorton

  6. I got an email from Randy Murray yesterday and he is still looking for a good pattern Johnson stock to copy. Bob G.
  7. Brian Do you have the parts I need or do I purchase from someone else ? If you have them I am ready to purchase now. Bob
  8. Brian, Sounds good, I have a rear sight assembly,not sure if it complete. I think I would like the type 2 sight base if possible. Can your gunsmith or you supply the needed parts ? Bob
  9. Brian My son helped me to send photos, what do you think? Is it a possible to make a semi auto out of this ? The rear section of the two piece bolt is cut, the firing pin has a 1/4 inch cut off the rear and the ejector was cut in half. Can you get an estimate of costs please. I am very serious on getting this done. Regards Bob Gorton
  10. Brian

    I am interested in the semi auto conversion, do you have an estimate on costs ?  The receiver that was cut is from

    a 1941 Johnson rifle. It was cut thru the rear sight dovetail,so I will need a ejector assembly and locking cam and

    roller assembly. The firing pin was also cut, other than those items I think it is complete. I do have the rear sight.


    Bob Gorton 


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    2. Bob G.

      Bob G.


      It is a semi auto receiver and so marked. It was converted to a JLMG . All I would like to do is make it a JLMG

      semi auto.

      Bob Gorton

    3. Brian Alpert

      Brian Alpert

      Should not be a problem to weld it.  Take some pictures and send them and I will take them to my gunsmith and see how much he wants to do the job.  He is an experienced welder, machinist and builder of LMG look-a-likes but he is painfully slow as it is a sideline.

    4. Bob G.

      Bob G.


      I have not been able to figure out how to send you photo's on the forum. Will try to get my son to help send photo 's of the cut receiver.


      Bob Gorton

  11. Brian I am interested in the conversion to semi fire only. Do you have an estimate on the costs ? thanks
  12. Can a demilled 1941 Johnson LMG be rebuilt as a semi auto only.
  13. Will do !
  14. That stock has been on for quite some time, then relisted again. Looks rough. I think I would rather have a new one even if it is a repro.
  15. Murrays Gunstocks 541-340-9814 in Idaho. He also has a website, Murrays Gunstocks