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  1. I received 30 bayonet lugs from a machinist friend. (two years waiting). Nice matte finish with 3/4" pins. Pins can be shortened to 5/8" (correct length). Pin holes are 80-90% through to allow final reaming on your barrel. Message for information. Is there a need for front sights? Joe
  2. A number of years ago I purchased a box full of hold-opens that had come from old Winfield Arms. All the front fingers were slightly short per drawing. It is my belief that when Winfield stripped the guns for inspection and reassembled them, if hold-open (bolt catch) worked they sold guns with it. If they didn't work in that gun, it was sold without the catch. Each catch finger had been fitted to each gun when built and varied slightly. I had weld metal added to each finger back to spec length and test them in my guns. Have only had to exchange one. I still have some available. This is probably the most difficult (expensive) part for the factory to make and I can see why Mr Johnson didn't like it. Message me, Joe
  3. 2/0 Morse taper x 5/8" long. 1" pins are readily available and can be cut to length. Reamers are available at machinist supply companies.
  4. I know of them being used at Camp Perry military matches. Local club has military matches out to 600 yards several times a year.
  5. They were in .30-06 because the US had been arming Batista's army with WW2 rifles and ammo. It was expected invaders were to resupply from captured Cuban army stock. I once talked to a retired US navy captain who had been involved. He said they chose the Johnson because they had no US markings and used the .30-06 ammo. I don't remember if ammo marking's were mentioned. Likely might have been non US sourced. In my opinion, the whole event was a CIA snafu.
  6. Years ago, I talked to employee of major gun parts importer, he said there were approximately 800 JAR's in Cuba. They were not available to import, no reason given.
  7. Cross pins are 3/16" diameter.
  8. Art, I believe the serial numbers were correct so as to satisfy the Dutch contract cost control.  They would not have stamped such a high number out of order.  The existing log book is very much in sequence.  There are too many high B numbers above 22,000 indicating higher production.

  9. I have seen rifles with serial numbers in the B-88xx range. This might indicate numbers in 28,000 range. Guess we might never know unless we find the missing logs books.
  10. I found my old factory drawing 212 of the barrels. Correct length from rear face to front is shown as 21.890", commonly called as 22".
  11. Mailed Wednesday.
  12. Yes, I have plenty left. Still $25ea. Same address, Add $7.95 postage. Joe
  13. It is hard to compare as nobody seems to have shot the 38m due to rarity. What I know comes from You tube "forgotten weapons" Poland's WW2 Battle rifle".. It is also stripper clip fed, pull pin take down, and has few parts. Main spring on gas rod, tilting one piece bolt, very simple take down, fixed barrel. adjustable gas plug. Could take regular size bayonet. Look at the video and form your own opinion.
  14. I know of five Johnson's for sale on the floor. Don't believe any sold. I sold one bayonet with scabbard. Inspected a nice all original rifle (first series 8000 range) for another vendor who was selling it for a friend. Found fine sand under the butt plate. This is the third one I have found with sand under BP. ; don't know source but may have come from a beach landing somewhere. Seller was going to ask $6300 for it. Don't know if it sold. Lots of people but slow sales overall. Saw a beautiful Polish firearms display including a super rare 8mm semi-auto rifle, one of 155 made before WW2. More information on line and You tube about Polish 38m rifle. A lot cleaner design than our M1. If it had got into volume production earlier, Germans would have had a harder time in Poland.
  15. Very well done. A cross between animation and photography. I wish everything came apart that easy. Some of the riveted pins should not be removed as shown. I don't remember seeing the buffer disassembled (which sometimes needs cleaning). The barrel parts are a press fit onto tube, not easy to replace. Also the butt stock seems to be non original (only one hole). It would be nice if part numbers could be added. This video shows me how far behind computer skills I am.