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  1. Other than a couple of the mag housing rivets coming out{will be replaced soon} mine works beautifully. I shoot it on a somewhat regular basis. Also after appearing on the Forgotten Weapons episode it now gets a bit of attention when i take it out They updated the post on GB with" the weapon has been tried and functions with dummy rounds but should be checked by a gunsmith before attempting live fire" buyer beware... Ryche
  2. I am not sure who the seller is but i bet i know who built it......... Not your guy Brian. Ryche
  3. NPC stands for Netherlands purchasing committee roughly. As Ed said the book is a really good investment. I have read mine cover to cover a couple times and refer to it often. Ryche
  4. I would be happy to compare it to mine which i believe has been un altered. Ryche
  5. Hey I am in Prescott as well. We should meet at the PV gun show in April. Talk JSAR for a bit. Ryche
  6. Did you lift the bolt handle up before pulling to the rear? Alot of people familiar with the Garrand forget this step and try to pull straight back without lifting the handle. If the case is stuck it coud also be something in the chamber is sticking the case tight. Try lifting the bolt handle and while pulling to the rear smartly smacking the butt of the rifle on some card board or a mat on the floor to avoid damaging the butt. If the case is just stuck this will usually get it to release. It also helps to shoot some CLP or other bore cleaner down the barrel to help loosen the stuck case. Ryche
  7. I'm with you Dash.... I'm not even sure where to start. Horrified but interested kinda like a train wreck...just can't look away Boss where did you find this???? Ryche
  8. Hey buddy i believe i have one for ya. shoot me a P.M. Ryche
  9. I have used a large binder clip before. with some tin snips and some bending, file, and grinding work you can make a passable one. Ryche
  10. Hey Tanker: There is a DROR front end on broker right now, a little over $400 I think. You might want to check it out. Its at $415 with no bids and 5 days to go. If you contact the seller he might be willing to go cheaper if it doesn't sell. Good luck buddy Ryche
  11. Thats not just any Johnson, thats a para carbine i believe. Ryche Good catch on the bolt handle in the 1st pic.
  12. It took me several years to find all the parts for mine. you can see it on Forgotten Weapons video on you tube. Having a good doner JSAR receiver helps alot so you don't have to cut up a good one. keep checking e-bay and broker. Good luck Ryche
  13. Good luck buddy, hope the show goes well for you. Ryche
  14. i think i have the locking bushing don't know about a ft. sight will have to check. Ryche
  15. Cool just let me know so i can P.M. you my phone number. We can meet at my table. Ryche